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Justin Thompson

Financial Advisor

I specialize in helping clients have the best possible retirement achievable. I do this through predictable investments that offer guarantees, elimination of costly debt, and reducing taxes to the lowest possible amount.

Justin Thompson

As an independent advisor, I work for my clients rather than any particular company. I'm able to offer a much more diverse offering and better variety of investment options than the large institutions.

Long Term Care

The retirement expense that has the potential to be the most devastating to your retirement portfolio is paying for long term care. I help my clients be prepared for this expense, and can even help someone already in care.

Debt Elimination

Say goodbye to your debts with the modified debt snowball and have an account with tax free money in it at the end of the program, so you never have to borrow again. Click the image above to learn more.

Tax Smart

Pay unnecessary taxes to the IRS can be damaging to your retirement. I can help you keep more in your pocket. Click the image above to learn more.

Smart 401k

Leave the SEP-IRA behind in favor a much Smarter retirement plan, the Smart 401k. It has more flexibility in the accumulation and the distribution phase. Click the image above to learn more.

Happy clients

jill washburn

I have been working with Justin for several years now. When it came to saving or investing money for the future, I didn’t know where to start or who to trust. Nor did I have a large sum of money to start with. With Justin‘s management, I am seeing excellent results. He is always available and responds quickly to address any questions or concerns I may have. I highly recommend Thompson Wealth Management!

Brian vigue

Justin is a great asset in helping me reach my retirement goals. He formulated a great strategy for me and made it really easy to transfer my funds. After losing so much money in the stock market in recent years, I was making money again right from the start with Justin's strategy. I wish I would have met him much earlier in life.

Zoie walsh

I am following Justin's Debt Free 4 Life Program. I am on pace to eliminate $275K, and put over $100K in my account at the completion of the program in only 8 years!

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